V- Belt System


Customized technology for the best reliability

For V-belt manufacturers that would like to meet increasing customer demands at a professional level, the V-belt systems from Our partner company are the ideal systems for coated, open-flank V-belts or V-ribbed belts. Depending on the requirement, systems with different system components can be equipped for semi-finished products, assembly, vulcanization, cutting, grinding, measuring, inspecting and stamping. The result is a system optimally tailored to the product. A system whose versatility speaks for itself and makes it easy to have profitable production.

Coated V-belts - system design features:

Build-up in layers on separating drums in a separating drum building up machine
Profiling and scooping out sections for unfinished belt parts
Coating unfinished belt parts in a coating machine
Vulcanizing and stabilizing V-belts in a V-belt AUMA


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