Steelastic Automatic Apexing Machine

The STEELASTIC® Apex Application System was the first system to automatically extrude, form and apply a rubber apex onto the outside periphery of a tire bead. Since its introduction the system has been continually developed to meet ever increasing productivity and quality requirements for:
Passenger Tires
Aircraft Tires
Motorcycle Tires

* Stitches both sides of the apex and applies significant downward force producing superior adhesion to the bead
* System is highly flexible and is designed to handle quick changeovers of bead construction, bead diameter, apex geometry, and compound
* Tightly controlled and consistent process yields unmatched splice repeatability
* Customizable system that can handle any single wire or ribbon bead construction
* Cycle times as low as 8 seconds
* Handles a bead diameter range of 12 to 24 inches
* Requires only one operator per system
* System can produce straight, angled or curved apex profiles
* Robotic and non-robotic unloading options configured to the specific tire plant’s needs


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