RMS 120/90mm Duplex Extrusion System

The RMS 120/90mm Duplex Extruding system is a self-contained operating system that includes a piggy back arrangement of the two extruders, which are both of pin barrel design all mounted on unitized, fabricated base. The Duplex Extrusion Head is hydraulically operated as is the die clamping arrangement and the unit is complete with all valves piping and hydraulic power supply. The controls are integrated as part of the Apexing system and are inclusive of motors and drives of which are 100HP (75Kw) and 150HP (110Kw) for the 90mm and 120mm extruders respectively. The RMS Duplex Extrusion System is fully tested with the Bartell Automatic Truck Bead Apex System. Other extrusion systems may be compatible with the Automatic Truck Bead Apex Application Station and Accumulator Systems.

Slab Feeders – these are optional items dependant upon customer requirements but when used, come complete with metal detectors (two are required, one for each extruder).

Temperature Control Units – consisting of seven (7) individual temperature control units for temperature control of the extruder zones heating/cooling water. The Temperature Control Units use electric heaters to heat the water and are self-contained with all controls required to set and adjust each extruder zone temperature.

Electrical Controls and System Integration – the system comes completely wired and integrated as one operational unit with all necessary PLC software and drives for control of the complete system, including the Duplex Extruder.

System Safety Guarding – consisting of electrically interlocked barrier guarding.


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