Gas Circulation Unit (GCU)

In conventional tire-curing presses, curing is performed using liquids such as water at high pressure and high temperature. But recently, methods using steam and N2 gas have become mainstream, and problems have arisen with temperature differentials between the upper and lower areas inside the bladder during curing.

More recently as an evolution of advanced mixing techniques for uniform dispersion of special compound materials which are used in the preparation of rubber material for high performance tires such as Run-flat and Fuel-efficient tires, techniques to improve elimination of temperature differentials and achieve uniform temperature have become more necessary than ever for the curing process.

With expertise and knowledge gained during more than 30 years as a developer and manufacture of valves and other main components related to tire-curing machines, we have developed the “Gas Circulation Unit” (GCU), a ground- breaking device that consists of a special induction motor combined with a turbo-type pump(GPX) and dedicated controller (GPX-Drive), which can circulate gas inside the bladder to create an even temperature with forced convection.

While circulating gas continuously inside the bladder by installing the pump(GPX) in between the path of the flow toward the inside bladder of the tire-curing machine, GCU can eliminate temperature differentials between the upper and lower part of the bladder in a short space of time and also maintain its condition thereafter

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