Extruded Steel/Textile Cap Strip System

Born from our world class extruded Fast, Flexible, Efficient, Automated Traceable steel belt production system, the Steelastic Cap Strip System is designed to streamline your manufacturing process. It’s time to rethink the standard, multi-process, high labor, high scrap approach to producing cap strip material. The single, flexible cell eliminates labor and material handling while improving the dimensional characteristics and quality of your tires

•Greenfield applications and factory expansions
•For PCR, TBR, Aircraft and Motorcycle applications
•For polyester, nylon, fiberglass, aramid, steel, and other cord materials
•Single system capacity of 400,000m to 1,000,000m per day
•Advantages over traditional methods:
•Eliminates plastic liner contamination
•Precise strip gauge and width
•Accurate cord placement
•Eliminates cut or crossed cords
•Results in fully encapsulated cords, no exposure to the environment
•Minimizes capital investment without sacrificing productivity or quality
•Eliminates work in process materials and handling
•Single operator per system


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