The latest Steelastic extruded belt systems make it possible to produce passenger, truck / bus, and specialty tires without calendering and off line cutting. Closed-loop automation minimizes operator involvement through the use of the very latest measurement technologies and closed-loop control. 3D cameras and laser inspection automatically locate and rapidly correct imperfections. The result is a reliable, quality-spliced product backed by empirical data. Changeovers take minutes versus the extended outages required with calendering equipment. •Well-suited to modern PCR and TBR applications •Minimizes capital investment with high productivity and quality
•Ultra-fast changeovers with automatic knife angle adjustment
•Single operator operation
•Reduced footprint with fixed parallel flow design •Closed-loop automation locates and corrects imperfections – fast
•Capacity: up to 8,000 tires per day
•Processes steel cord with no possibility of crossed wires •Superior quality: precise width, gauge, and edge straightness
•Precision splice and belt angle
•Shortest compound heat history
•Precise cord placement
•Ideal for greenfield applications and factory expansions


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