D2 Retail Fine Jewelry RFID Label Solution

RFID Label Solution

Data2, a Division of FineLine Technologies offers a variety of RFID integrated labels for fine jewelry, eyewear, watches and other hard-to-tag retail products. Data2 and our partner, Dawnsun, offer full service bureau (including color logo) printing to improve retailers’ tagging-at-source capabilities. Our products include:

Fine Jewelry: 4 standard formats that include:

o Miniature designs

o Secure and durable label construction

o None-fade, no-smudge quality printing

o Ultra-sonic jewelry cleaning endurance

o Pattern adhesives

o Price tear off perforations

o Easy to read labels

Description RFID Inlay Design Tag Chip

White Rattail FR62 (22 x 13.5 mm) Impinj Monza R6

White Barbell F52 (22 x 13.5 mm) Impinj Monza 5

White Barbell JR61(12mm loop) Impinj Monza R6

White Rattail BR63 (22 x 7.5 mm) Impinj Monza R6

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