The construction of today’s HERBERT mold container has been in existence for over 50 years. Constant improvement and product care through adjustment to new technologies and materials have led to a mold container fulfilling all requirement of today. All requests of our customers in reference to flexibility, easy maintenance, durability etc. are considered during the developmental phases.

By using self-lubricating sliding plates within the closing rings advantages like thermal transfer, maintainability, durability as well as low upkeep cost were achieved compared to similar products.

Based on our Long-Standing experience HERBERT is capable to realize all customer requests regarding the design of the mold containers. In case of changes requested by the customer the following alternatives are available:

- Quantity of sectors variable
- Measurements and travelling distance (radial and horizontal stroke) acc. to customer requirements
- Internal measurements in accordance to existing mold inserts
- Consideration of press connections
- Heat protective shield / insulation cap optional
- Special hardening or surface treatment, etc.

Our containers are available in different sizes, starting with the smallest passenger car tire container up to the size of earth mover tires, fitting for all press types up to 100” curing presses.

HERBERT containers work worldwide to the satisfaction of all customers!


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