3 – D Robotic Tire Vision System

Vision Tire System 3D is an innovative three-dimensional vision system to detect any defect that occurred on the tire. Reconstructing a 3D model of the tire in all its areas and operating specialized algorithms for every different sector, Vision Tire System 3D can detect and classify automatically every kind of defect that can be occurred on the tire during the production process (bubble, scratch, bladder, cut, scuffing, foreign body etc), with an high efficiency and a remarkable saving in terms of time and costs.

uses the LASER PROFILOMETRY, a technique based on the triangulation between a laser and a camera that let the system have a three-dimensional reconstruction of the whole tire with one of the highest possible resolution in a very short cycle time.

VISION TIRE SYSTEM 3D has six laser-camera tools that allows the system to inspect all the different areas of the tire. These
vision units are mounted on a robotic arm that operates a preset depending on the tire that has to inspect and is able to scan every millimeter of it, in the inside and outside. The software of control takes in charge all the acquired data and detects whenever some defects have occurred during the production process, giving the result in a quasi real time.

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