EPDM Rubbere Parts

EPDM rubber is a high density rubber primarily used for outdoor applications. It has dynamic and mechanical properties betweennatural rubberandsynthetic rubber.
EPDM rubber is an extremely versatile material that can be used in a variety of applications, from automotive products to HVAC parts. It also acts as a less expensive alternative to silicone and can last for long periods of time with proper use, saving you time and money.
Do not useEPDM rubber if continual contact with petroleum based products is required.
EPDM rubber isnot recommendedfor usage in food applications or those that are exposed to aromatic hydrocarbons.

ASTM D-2000 Classification CA Low Temperature Usage -20° to -60° F | -29C to -51C High Temperature Usage Up to 350° F | Up to 177 C

Benefits & Advantages
Great for outdoor applications
Stable in high and low temperatures
Low electrical conductivity

EPDM's properties allow it to be a widely used, highly versatile, synthetic rubber in both specialty and general purpose applications.

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